Create Impactful Businesses through Soft Power Inspiration with SOFT Strategies.

Create Impactful Businesses through Soft Power Inspiration with SOFT Strategies.

Even though Thailand may not yet have clear Soft Power assets, creating businesses with impact can begin with inspiration from Soft Power. But before exploring what inspirations exist, let's first understand the true meaning of Soft Power.

Create Impactful Businesses through Soft Power Inspiration with SOFT Strategies.

The true meaning of Soft Power is cultural influence used in international relations, also known as "persuasive power." It is something that can lead people to follow and accept the desires of the power holder without coercion or exchange. Building businesses with Soft Power-like impact through SOFT Strategies.

For the SOFT Strategies, which were devised by Mahidol University to help promote entrepreneurs in Thailand to use in their businesses to reach and connect with consumers more effectively, the following four important dimensions are crucial:


Get as close to or integrate into consumers' daily lives as much as possible. For example, brands like Oatside, a rice milk brand, have gradually penetrated into the daily lives of many people until their products become household essentials.


It cannot be denied that to reach consumers, a business must have something extraordinary. It needs to stand out enough to attract more attention than competitors. It starts with making what SMEs already have more special until consumers remember it through the brand's character style. For example, the multi-brand store Carnival, a Thai national brand, has increased the value of its products by incorporating its character style.


Whatever trend emerges, seize it quickly if you want to connect with consumers rapidly. For example, Foodland jumped on the trend of Jackson Wang, who talked about his favorite dishes, and immediately promoted a set menu based on his preferences for only 99 baht. This garnered an extremely positive response.


Certainly, Rome was not built in a day, and SMEs cannot grow overnight. Even if a business can create a distinctive feature and catch trends quickly, it still requires consistent effort. It's important to maintain continuous communication by creating a memorable character across all platforms. An example of a clear and consistent brand is KFC, which not only provides information about promotions but also engages with consumers by answering questions and continuously sharing humorous content. This has turned KFC's page into a vital community.

It can be seen that in today's business environment, regardless of the level, focusing solely on profit or sales figures may not be enough. It's also essential to consider how to pass on societal influence, build a recognizable identity, and understand what consumers associate with SME businesses. This requires maximizing connections with people using SOFT Strategies.




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